Quality Djembe Drum Mahogany Wood Bongo Tribal Carved Black 60cm Tall Tuned 4you


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High quality tribal carved mahogany wood djembe drum 60cm tall


Great sounding drum with deep bass & crisp edge tones.

Shell:  Made from “one piece” of plantation grown, kiln dried mahogany wood for strength & durability.

Skin:  Natural (unbleached) goat skin. Please note varying colour tones to natural skin is a normal occurrence and not a flaw (ie the skin is not white and has different shades of colour).

Rope:  Strung with 21 tension points of 6mm heavy duty, high tensile nylon-core rope, for endless playable durability.

3 metal ring system.

Hand carved tribal carving all around the and drum cone.

Purchased direct from professional drum makers from the Tegalalang region of Bali Indonesia.

Note:  this drum comes in assorted similar carving designs and may vary slightly from the listed drum


approx:  height  60cm x width 33cm

drum head approx: 28-30cm

weight approx:  6-7kg

Note:  dimensions are approximate and may vary 1-2 cm

What to look for when purchasing a djembe drum

Always check that your djembe is tuned for you, otherwise you may be purchasing a flat sounding drum.

Check the drum is made from one solid piece of mahogany wood. Inferior two piece drums have a thin straight cone, a smaller piece of wood which is glued into the head and are prone to breaking into two pieces.

Avoid low quality drums strung with cheap shoe string instead of rope, as shoe string breaks. Shoe string is easy to spot, its very thin and isn’t usually strung with as many tension points as other high quality drums.

Check that the skin is natural and not bleached, as the bleaching process increases the risk of splitting. Bleached skins are bright white and don’t have varying shades in them.

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Weight 13 kg
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